Make your own Hamper

If you have a particular hamper theme in mind or special dietary requirements, please call us on 01302 770224 to discuss our bespoke hamper service. The wicker baskets and products listed below are a sample of the high quality produce available from our farm shop and are carefully selected to reflect different occasions, different tastes and the different seasons.

Choose a hamper basket

A wicker basket or wicker hamper is not only a wonderful gift item but also an ideal way to present the products inside. Our wicker baskets, made from either European or Chinese willow and wicker, are available in a range of sizes and styles, produced to the highest standards for our customers.

2 Person Stripy Fitted Basket

H: 19cm W: 40cm Front to Back: 30cm - PN265

Price: £49.80


2 Traditional Wicker Shopping Basket

H: 17cm W: 36cm Front to Back: 28cm - SB047

Price: £13.60


Huntsman Wicker Basket

H: 24cm W: 46cm Front to Back: 33cm - PN125

Price: £50.00


Wicker Hamper 14"

H: 15cm W: 36cm Front to Back: 25cm - HA025

Price: £14.70

Add your food items

Personalise the contents of your hamper by choosing from the high quality produce available in our farm shop. Our carefully selected range of food items are perfect for different occasions, different tastes and the different seasons.


McCallums Strawberry Preserve (340g) £2.76
McCallums Summerfruit Preserve (340g) £2.76
McCallums Blackcurrant Preserve (340g) £2.76
McCallums Blackberry & Apple Preserve (340g) £2.76
McCallums Thick Cut Marmalade (340g) £2.61
McCallums Vintage Marmalade (340g) £2.70
McCallums Whisky Marmalade (340g) £2.76
McCallums Ginger Marmalade (340g) £2.61
Lincolnshire Honey (454g) £3.95
McCallums Lemon Curd (320g) £2.76
McCallums Lemon Cheese (320g) £2.76

Chutneys, Pates & Savouries

McCallums Yorkshire Red Onion Chutney (300g) £2.66
McCallums Ploughmans Fruit Chutney (300g) £2.66
McCallums Beetroot Chutney (300g) £2.66
McCallums Autumn Fruit Chutney (300g) £2.68
Gentlemans Relish (42.5g) £2.87
Venison Game Pate (180g) £3.59
Salmon Pate (180g) £4.79
Cheese & Chive Wafers (120g) £2.99
Stilton Cheese Straws (100g) £2.99

Pickles, Sauces & Marinades

McCallums Pickled Shallots (454g) £3.06
McCallums Pickled Onions (454g) £2.90
Spicy Tomato Sauce (230ml) £2.65
Hot Mango Sauce (310g) £2.27
McCallums Strong English Mustard (200g) £2.21
McCallums Dijon Mustard (200g) £2.11
McCallums Hot Horseradish (165g) £2.24
McCallums Creamed Horseradish (170g) £2.24
McCallums Real Ale & Mushroom
Casserole Sauce (500g) £3.05
McCallums Creamy Peppercorn Sauce (450g) £3.30
McCallums Jalfrezi Curry Sauce (450g) £2.79
Apple & Sage Jelly (250g) £2.80
Rosemary Jelly (250g) £2.80
Cranberry Sauce (212g) £2.61
Redcurrant Sauce (212g) £2.61
Apple Sauce with Cider Brandy (210g) £2.75


McCallums Chestnut Stuffing (150g) £1.58
McCallums Sage, Red Pepper & Shallot Stuffing (150g) £1.58


Real Game Soup (392g) £2.10
Venison Cranberry & Port Soup (392g) £2.10
Turkey & Cranberry Soup (392g) £2.10

Oils & Dressings

Balsamic & Honey Dressing (230g) £3.18
Caesar Salad Dressing (230g) £3.18
Balsamic Vinegar (100ml) £2.50
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (100ml) £2.50

Tea, Coffee & Drinks

Belvoir Elderflower Cordial (500ml) £4.35
Belvoir Cranberry Cordial (500ml) £4.83
Belvoir Plum & Cinnamon Cordial (500ml) £4.83
Fentimans Curiosity Cola (275ml) £1.55
Fentimans Rose Lemonade (275ml) £1.55
Fentimans Orange Jigger (275ml) £1.55
Twinings Breakfast Tea (125g) £3.90
McCallums Arabica Roast Coffee (227g) £4.56

Sweets, Buscuits & Cakes

Triple Chocolate Biscuits (200g) £1.79
Treacle & Sultana Biscuits (200g) £1.79
Yorkshire Parkin Biscuits (150g) £1.44
Cherry & Walnut loaf £3.36
Stem Ginger loaf £3.36
McCallums Milk Chocolate Raisins (150g) £2.25
McCallums Milk Chocolate Cinder Toffee (200g) £3.78
Syrup Waffles £2.68
Welbournes Plum Bread (650g) £3.30
Farrahs Toffee Tin (100g) £2.86
Cavendish & Harvey Mixed Fruit Sweets £1.85
Cavendish & Harvey Butterscotch £1.85
Cavendish & Harvey Clear Mints £1.85

Fruits & Nuts

Bombay Mix & Cashews (180g) £1.75
Wasabi Peas (170g) £2.60
Banana Chips (150g) £1.37
Tropical Mix (220g) £1.75
Fruit Cocktail (250g) £2.00